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About me - Anne Mette Müller
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About me

Amm dyrehaven

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.”

My name is Anne Mette Müller.  I am a Danish woman, 44 years old, with a master degree in architecture. I am looking for new career opportunities and I am passionate about committing myself more to humanitarian work.

I have eight years of professional experience with architectural design and project management from working with various architect companies in Denmark and France. During the past two and a half years I have lived, worked and travelled in Rwanda.  There I worked as a consultant and technical adviser for the Rwandan government recruited by  ADRA DK/RW . In that position I made a project proposal for a new model village with approx. 380 houses for 1500 people. Please see: /biography/curriculum vitae/ and /work/.

Working as a consultant in the developing countries appeals a lot to me. It makes me happy because I can see that all my work and efforts brings happiness to the inhabitants. The work in Rwanda has inspired me to continue my carrier with similar works in a combination of construction/architectural projects, and in the field of community and social work in the developing countries. But I am also keen to use my professional skills in (re)construction work in disaster areas. Also, solving logistic problems in zones of conflict and crisis could be an option.

I am a multi skilled person who finds interests in many different areas. For example, I am an experienced photographer, and I have good skills within graphic production and layout project presentations etc. Recently I worked as a film editor and I achieved profound knowledge on cutting and editing pictures, furthermore I did website planning for the pedagogical university of Denmark. With these new skills I can make small film and video documentary/productions and websites for example for humanitarian organizations, architect offices and for myself.

Meeting different cultures and travelling appeals a lot to me, over time I have developed strong intercultural skills. I am a flexible and open-minded person, I can easily adjust to different situations and contexts. I respect people and communicate with professionals and laypeople at all levels of the society. I am very curious and I learn fast. I enjoy the company of colleagues, as well as I like to work alone and being on my own. I am free to move wherever I want, as I am not married and have no children. For example: When I arrived alone in Africa/Rwanda on my first assignment, I had to manage on my own. I had to find my own house and renovate it together with local craftsmen. I worked and managed on my own from this house, without an office and colleagues to support my work.

I am a hardworking and committed employee with excellent skills in planning and organising and I have often been praised by employers and clients as a good co-worker, and a creative and innovative designer and a skilled planner. ( For more information about my experiences and skills please see: /biography/curriculum vitae/ )

One of my dreams is to start up an NGO for the street children in Kibuye in Rwanda and help the mentally ill people in Rwanda. I want to achieve my utmost desire of “helping people who are in need”. This way I feel I make a difference and that my life has a greater purpose. I hope my website will enhance my opportunities to pursue my dreams and open doors to the world of humanitarian works.

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